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Osteoarthritis is the process of wear and tear in joints as a result of the normal ageing process. The smooth gliding surfaces in the joint become thinner and start breaking up. In the later stages the gliding surfaces may be worn out with bare bone exposed. Arthritis is a very common problem and can result in significant disability. Typical symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling, and noises like clicking, cracking, grating. Patients also complain of loss of function and reduced mobility.

Osteoarthritis can affect all joints in the body. While osteoarthritis slowly gets worse with age, the symptom levels can vary with time.

There is no cure for arthritis, but there are many ways to help patients who have symptoms as a result of arthritis. The doctors at the Orthobiologics Clinic are happy to assess your problem, listen to your complaints and advise you on the best treatment options. With adequate treatment the need for surgery can often be delayed or avoided.

Typical treatments include Physiotherapy, support splints/braces, walking aids for patient with arthritis in the lower limb, and injections. The treatment of last resort is joint replacement surgery.

At the Ortobiologics Clinc we specialise in regenerative and biological injection treatments that can slow down the process of degeneration in the joint. Following the treatment with cutting edge technologies like PRP, nStride APS and stem cells patients can often get a new lease of life with less pain, less stiffness and better mobility.

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