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The articular cartilage is the smooth gliding surface in our joints. Cartilage defects (also known as osteochondral defects) are damaged areas in that gliding surface. These defects are often the result of a traumatic injury in an otherwise healthy joint. The defect can look like a crater in the smooth gliding surface with bone exposed at the bottom of the damaged area. This can be a cause of pain and stiffness.

Treatment with stem cells has been shown to slow down and reverse the process of further degeneration of cartilage defects by supporting and turbo-charging the body’s own repair mechanisms. The stem cells for the procedure are harvested from bone marrow in the pelvic bone. Research has shown that these stem cells can divide and develop into cartilage cells. Treatment with Bone Marrow Concentrate stem cells (BMC) can help reducing pain and improving mobility in patients with cartilage defects.

Our specialists at the Orthobiologics Clinic are happy to help and advise patients with articular cartilage defects on the treatment options available.

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